Entry Guidelines - Champion Business for Good

Christchurch City Council Champion Business for Good Award

This award recognises businesses who are committed to addressing social and/or environmental problems and are truly making a difference in our community. These changemakers drive positive action that sees positive social and/or environmental impact as a defining measurement of their business’ success.

Who should enter: 
Open to any organisation making a deliberate, positive impact on people or the planet. This includes social enterprises and not for profit organisations.


Question 1: STRATEGY – What motivated your business to address/contribute to social/environmental issues? What opportunities did you identify to address social and/or environmental issues in your community? Tell us about what you planned to do in order to make to make a real difference in your community. Word Count: Maximum 400

Things to consider:
  • What is the social/environmental challenge you are trying to solve?
  • Tell us about some of the challenges you may have been facing before implementing your new strategies.
  • How did you go about identifying your opportunities?
  • Outline the goals you set and the strategies you created to achieve them.
  • What unique organisational initiatives did you set out to achieve?

Question 2: EXECUTION - Tell us about the execution of your strategies. How did you go about achieving your social and/or environmental purpose, including generating revenue? Word count: Maximum 500

Things to consider:
  • Tell us about how you went about executing your strategies.
  • What challenges, if any did you experienced during implementation?
  • How were your team involved in the roll out of these strategies?
  • In what ways did you show effective leadership and management?

Question 3: PERFORMANCE & IMPACT - What measurable impact did your initiatives have of the social/environmental challenges you set out to achieve? Word count: Maximum 500

Things to consider:
  • Talk us through the types of organisational growth you experienced or the impact/change that you saw.
  • Share any testimonials or feedback you received from clients or business partners
  • Tell us about any rewards and recognition that you have received.
  • Tell us about stronger links you have created within your community.
  • What are you doing to be socially responsible?

Question 4: RECOGNITION - Summarise in no more than 3 bullet points why you deserve recognition for this category


  • Strategy 10
  • Execution 10
  • Performance & Impact 10
  • Recognition 5


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