Entry Guidelines - Champion Community Impact

Rata Foundation Champion Community Impact Small Enterprise and The Press Champion Community Impact Medium/Large Enterprise

These awards recognise registered charities and Not for Profit organisations and their volunteers doing exceptional work to provide help and support to those in need in Canterbury.

Vital to the success of our region, these organisations navigate unique challenges in their operations and as such this award recognises the commitment of these teams (both paid and volunteer), the drive and dedication of their boards, the strength of the links within community and the overall impact of the organisations performance on the community.

To be eligible for this Award, entrants must be registered as a charity with the Charities Commission. They must also be not for profit, providing products or services of a charitable nature to those in need, and undertaking their charitable work within Canterbury.

Business size:

Small Enterprise [under 15 FTEs and an annual charitable turnover of under $700,000]
Medium/Large Enterprise [15 or more FTEs]



Question 1: STRATEGY - What opportunities did you identify to enable your charity/ not for profit to help those in need in our community? Tell us about what you planned to do in order to show innovation and really make a difference.
Word Count: Maximum 500

Things to consider:

  • Tell us about some of the challenges you may have been facing before implementing your new strategies.
  • How did you go about identifying your opportunities?
  • Outline the goals you set and the strategies you created to achieve them.
  • What unique organisational initiatives did you set out to achieve?

Question 2: EXECUTION - Tell us about the execution of your strategies.  What have you done to optimise innovation and navigate unique challenges in your operations ?
Word count: Maximum 500

Things to consider:

  • Tell us about how you went about executing your strategies.
  • What challenges, if any did you experienced during implementation?
  • How were your team involved in the roll out of these strategies?
  • In what ways did you show effective leadership and management?

Question 3: PERFORMANCE & IMPACT - What measurable results did you achieve?
Word count: Maximum 500

Things to consider:

  • Talk us through the types of organisational growth you experienced.
  • Share any testimonials or feedback you received from clients or business partners
  • How have you optimised/innovated/leveraged your funding model
  • Tell us about any rewards and recognition that you have received.
  • Tell us about stronger links you have created within your community.
  • What are you doing to be socially responsible?

Question 4: RECOGNITION - Summarise in no more than 3 bullet points why you deserve recognition for this category. Word count: Maximum 500


  • Strategy 10
  • Execution 10
  • Performance & Impact 10
  • Recognition 5

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