Entry Guidelines - Champion Exporter Emerging & Medium/Large

Christchurch Airport Champion Emerging Exporter 

Recognises businesses new to the international market, who demonstrate innovative practice and sustainable export models. These businesses measure success by net return to the Canterbury and New Zealand economy and through brand and reputational growth.

Who Should Enter:
To enter this category, your annual export net turnover will be less the $5 million and will have an operating history of up to 5 years and be exporting, dealing in foreign trade or earning foreign currency.

Lyttelton Port Company Champion Medium/Large Exporter

Recognises businesses that are not only successful on the international stage, but also plays an active role in the development and advocacy of the export community in Canterbury and New Zealand. These businesses show continued growth in its chosen market, investing in product development through R&D and has a sustainable supply chain.
Who should enter:
To enter this category, you must have an annual export turnover of $5million plus and be exporting, dealing in foreign trade or earning foreign currency.

Business size:

Medium/Large Enterprise [15 or more FTEs]
New Zealand International Business Awards Collaboration

2018 sees a new collaboration between the Westpac Champion Business Awards and the The New Zealand International Business Awards (NZIBA) a joint partnership between New Zealand Trade and Enterprise and ExportNZ.

Finalists in the Emerging and Medium/Large Export Categories, plus Exporters from the Innovation Category, are automatically entered into the New Zealand International Business Awards (NZIBA), New Zealand’s premier business awards. Questions for the NZIBA awards are the same however you may need to complete another online entry to submit your answers. 


Question 1: Leadership and Planning

1.1 Describe your international business planning process. What are the key objectives and the related targets?
  • Describe how the leaders, directors and/or stakeholders in the business set direction, objectives and targets for the companies’ international business.
  • Please describe how the international business targets and plans are communicated both internally and externally.
1.2 How have you developed / supported your staff and business partners to succeed in international business?

Factors you may wish to include are:
  • Training and development
  • Mentoring
  • Relocation/ secondment
  • Recruitment and retention.
Word count: Maximum 500

Question 2: Market and Customer Focus

2.1 Which international markets are you doing business in?
  • How was the decision to target these international markets arrived at?
  • Please describe the factors that led to your decision to target these markets

2.2 Within the markets that you target (as referenced in Q2.1), which market segments / types of customers do you focus on?
  • Why do you focus on these market segments / types of customers
Word count: Maximum 500

Question 3: Differentiation and Business Model Selection

3.1 Which business model do you utilise for your international business and what are the factors that determined that decision?
  • Examples could be establishing wholly owned overseas subsidiaries, use of independent agents or distributors, use of affiliated or partner organisations, etc.
  • Explain why this approach was taken. What are the main benefits of your chosen business model?
3.2 How do you monitor the on-going performance of your products and/or services in international markets?

You may wish to include factors such as:
  • Sales volumes
  • Market share
  • Business partner feedback
  • Customer feedback
  • PR activities
  • Average selling prices
  • Margins.
  • How often is monitoring undertaken?
Word count: Maximum 500

Question 4: Results

4.1 Please summarise the success that your organisation has had in international markets over the past three years. Please Include:
  • International Revenue over the past three years
  • International revenue as a proportion of total revenue over the past three years - the international markets in which you are conducting business and how this has grown over the past three years.
  • The other factors that demonstrate your success in international markets (e.g. market share in individual markets, growth in number of international customers, international customer satisfaction.)

4.2 Please summarise the impact that international business has had both on your company and on the New Zealand economy over the past three years. Please include:
  • Jobs created as a result of your international business.
  • Total investments made to support your international business.
  • Profitability over the past three years.
  • Benefits to other NZ companies or institutions derived from your International business.
Word count: Maximum 500


  • Leadership and Planning 5
  • Market and Customer Focus 5
  • Differentiation and Business Model Selection 5
  • Results 5


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